With an experience of compositional and production work of over 20 years, our in-house composer Mr. Dhiren Raichura has a vast experience in different styles of music production in different areas.

Since then our company has achieved a wide range of productions including OST for films, documentaries, Radio and TV commercials as well as a production af a musical album with a collaboration of artists from the UK, U.A.E., India as well as Pakistan. This will be the first ever such productions of its kind.

Our company was in operation from 1985 – 2001 under the name Studio Beats Ltd. The company came to a closer after moving base to the U.A.E. in 2001 and successfully managed to establish a strong hold in the Media and the Advertising field in the U.A.E. servicing the mainstream clientèle. After which, returned to the UK in 2003 and re-established under the present Music House UK Ltd.

Dhiren Raichura

Please visit my personal website: www.dhirenraichura.com